About Us


Schtooping & Kelleygreene are an engaged couple from Chicago, Illinois. Well, we’re not from here, but we live here now. We met in Austin, Texas working in a tech support call center for a company former employees generally refer to as “The Fruit Stand”. But we’ve been in Chicago since 2010, so it feels like home to us by now…harsh winters and all.


We both work in the tech industry, which helps fuel our geeky fire. It would probably be better if one of us could be the force of logic to stop us from buying new “toys”, but…here we are.


Schtooping on his early days of gaming and geekery: My first game ever was Pong (the one with the paddles – Telegames Pong Sports 4) and when I got a little bit older we got an Atari 2600. In my teenage years I started playing the Super Nintendo. Console games quickly fell by the wayside when my brother got a 386sx 16 with 1 mb RAM (Screamin’ fast!) and we started to play computer games. I played just about every game you can imagine, especially Leisure Suit Larry. Later, I got more into first-person shooters like the original Call of Duty series and Battlefield, which I still play today. Another pastime of mine is flight simulation and I enjoy modding both the simulators and PC games like GTA and Skyrim. I’m also a huge Sci-Fi fan and will give any Sci-Fi show a shot.


Kelleygreene on her early days of gaming and geekery: Some of my earliest memories are playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES and Sonic The Hedgehog (SO SO excited for the new one) on the Sega Genesis. When things started to go from 2D to 3D, I struggled a little with the controls — but I still loved a good game story. My brother and I played Ocarina of Time on the N64 together — we shared control of Link. I did all the puzzles, and he fought all the rainbow spiders that scared the crap out of me when they popped out of the mountainside. One of my most favorite games ever was Super Mario Sunshine on the Game Cube. I still rave about it. I also grew up a huge Sci-Fi fan and still love it to this day.


Nowadays, we love playing games with great stories like the Bioshock series, Skyrim, and most recently Uncharted 4. One of our favorite things to do is sit together on the couch and play — Schtooping usually plays, and Kelleygreene usually navigates (by finding the speical items or reminding him which hallway he came down to get where he is now). We also love relaxing by watching reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Picard is best captain. Fight us.). We love Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Westworld, and also The Wire because it’s just a really good show.


For the most part, we’re a pretty normal couple. Schtooping cooks, Kelleygreene demands enchiladas. We have a big, fuzzy, loveable, 11-year-old mutt named Honey who demands treats constantly. Some of our other pastimes include writing music (Schtooping) and writing Sci-Fi novels (Kelleygreene). We’re both very active on social media and are big fans of the ~*internet*~.