C2E2 2017

We had such a blast at C2E2 this year! This was our second time going and we ended up doing Friday and Saturday. Last year we just stayed on the show floor on Saturday, so we were looking forward to attending some of the sessions and spending more time perusing all the goodies.

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We arrived Friday morning and our first stop was at Wil Wheaton’s session. We’re both HUGE Star Trek: The Next Generation fans and couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to hear him speak. It was a Q&A session that was super interesting and fun.

Some of the highlights were discussing mental illness, hockey, TNG, and tabletop games. He also told a hilarious story about a jogger passing him in California and saying “I recognize you from Big Bang Theory — I know your character on that show is called ‘Wil Wheaton’, but I’m sorry — I don’t know your name!”

He had some great tips for DM’ing role playing games, such as remembering to always say yes, and allowing there to be “fate” in the world that you create. By that, he meant that if someone rolled poorly but really needed to pass or defeat whatever they were rolling against, that the poor roll meant that they would be affected in some other way.

One of the other really great things he talked about was that it was important that everyone celebrate the fact that we really are all nerds together. Fantasy football is basically just D&D for jocks. Haha.

Afterward, we headed out onto the showroom floor to meet up with our friends Claire and Alan and to shop to our hearts’ content.

There was SO much to look at. So much fantastic artwork and handcrafted masterpieces. It was overwhelming! We saved some of the floor to finish up on Saturday and it was farrrrr more crowded. Next year we’ll definitely do all of our shopping on day one!

Here was a magical felt piece for one of those days where you’re ready to “DRACARYS” the first person you see.

SO Daenerys!

As much as I love Legion, there’s NO. WAY. this can ever be allowed in my home.


And then, a shot of my most favorite store, where we probably spent the most money all weekend:


LOOK AT THE PRETTIES!! Gotta catch ’em all. We picked up a couple of grab bags and Damon got this fantastic metal 6-sided-die.  I ended up buying one singular metal 20-sided die just because it was too damn cool. I’m not sure I’ll ever use it because it would probably beat the heck out of the Table Tote I play on every session.

We decided to catch one more panel before heading out for the day — this one was about turning your geeky passions in to geeky careers.

It was interesting to listen to the podcasters and designers talk about their successes and give advice to folks who are thinking about starting careers in the biz. We were fortunate enough to pick up some seats about halfway through, which was a relief because our legs and behinds were preeeetty tired at this point.

We took a cab home after this and filmed a short video while we chowed down on Taco Bell.

For Saturday, we planned to spend most of the day on the show floor shopping around — and we did. We also took some video with Damon’s new Karma Grip for his GoPro.

Here’s my favorite Saturday purchase:

I have no idea who these women behind me are or why they seem so disinterested in my fantastic head.

I also thought this was a really cool way for folks to connect:

“What’s your current fandom?”
“What was your first fandom?”

We saw SO many mind-blowing costumes that I had to make a totally separate Cosplay post, so head over to the link to check it out and see some of the most fantastic ones!


Overall, we had an amazing weekend and were so glad that we did two days this year. Can’t wait for the next one!

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