D&D – An Evil Campaign

It’d been a while since we had played a campaign we started last year. Along with our couple friends Alan (DM) & Claire, we’d been playing remotely using Roll20. We wanted to start playing again, but this time in person. The stars aligned with the release of the new Volo’s Guide to Monsters book — Alan decided to run an evil campaign!

We were joined by Tyler and Erin, another fun geeky couple, and we were off to the races. Since I’d played a Wood Elf Ranger in our last campaign, I wanted to go for something a little bit tougher. So, I chose a copper Dragonborn Paladin that I chose to name Lucy.

The rest of our party is as follows:

  • Claire – a barbarian half-orc named Worf
  • Damon – an artificer Kobold named Gondas
  • Erin – a Goblin ‘King’ named Garf (and her buddies)
  • Tyler – a Lizardperson named Krat

Our story is this: We have been tasked with protecting our homeland from invasive humans who have moved in to harvest precious gems and metals. We have two areas to keep safe: a large port in the territory of Palgu called Port Sevia (this is the side of the island where Krat and Worf are from), and a mine in the territory of Toxavale called Mount Cragspear (mine and Gondas’ homestead).

The group had our first choice almost immediately, when we had to decide whether to pursue Port Sevia or Mt. Cragspear first, and we selected the mine.

In our first session, we approached the mine and learned that it was protected by armed guards. Four orc heads stood on pikes outside a parapet where elves stood watch. As we crouched at the edge of the forest, a mine cart filled with gems and protected by a few humans passed by. As they got out of view, an owlbear popped out of the woods!


He straight up killed one of the humans. I separated from the group and tried to javelin one of the humans. A terrible roll sent my javelin sailing past the nearby human. The owlbear kindly took him out for me and I dodged as he headed back into the forest.

While the elves were taking arrow shots at the owlbear, Worf tossed one of the orc heads (lit ablaze with help from the team) up onto the parapet. It created a huge distraction, and Gondas started another fire while Worf tossed up another head. We got a look inside the door and Gondas lit up a pile of explosives, sending shit flying.

In the meantime, an unsuspecting human fool called out to his comrades, “Secure the side entrance!” So…we knew there was another way in (and out). We raced toward the door as they closed it and I got to lightning a dude in the face. However, we weren’t able to get inside before the door closed, and we booked it back out to the woods.

While we took a short rest, we noticed two birds flying out of the mine area. Notes. Ugh.

Body count for the session: 1 elf, 1 dwarf, 5 humans.

Can’t wait to get back at it!

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