Evil Campaign Session – Apr 15

Boy, oh boy. This session was ACTION. PACKED. My notes for last sesh were about 3/4 of a page long, and my notes for this time are three full pages. I hope you’re ready for this. LET’S DO THIS THING.

SO! Picking up where we left off last time — everyone except for Krat is on the lower level of the mine, and we still have a few (3) fellas here left to kill. (I wrote these in my notebook as “baddies”, though I suppose that’s pretty subjective…) Above us is Nubundo, with a guard on either side of him. They’re standing right in front of the original door that we had besieged when we were first approaching the mine. I’m just down here chilling in some piles of rocks.

90% of “pile of cartoon rocks” images look like poop. *TMYK*

When we began, it was my turn. I went ahead and hit a guy, but not for much damage. I gave him a kick for good measure, and he replied, “Unnecessary!” Garf went in with 2 handaxes, and the second attack decapitated the guy. Worf smashed the last guy’s face in using a Morningstar. My guy wasn’t quite dead yet and tried to surrender, but I took him out anyway. I don’t have time for that BS.

Nubundo took a whack at Krat, pushing him backwards. Krat shocked the two guards (their shields were metal) and then took off to protect himself. Next, Garf went after Nubundo. Leaping up, he missed with his axe throw, but then went ahead and kicked him right in the chest. Using Divine Fury, he injured Nubundo and the two guys on either side of him. Then made a pretty fantastic joke. “D’ya guys like fruit? Well HOW DA YA LIKE THEM APPLES?!”

Next up, Worf made it to the guards and killed them both. Pure power, this half-orc.

Gondas lobbed a vial of acid at Nubundo but whiffed completely, hitting the door behind him. Garf called him a dick because of the shitty throw.

Nubundo then cast “Compelled Duel” on Garf.

Dis da spell.

Krat then bit Nubundo’s face, tearing a hole in it. Then he stuck his tongue through the hole like a total weirdo. Afterward, the hole started to heal up, which became very disconcerting. We might be in for more than we bargained for, here…

I used my lightning on Nubundo. Garf kicked him again and then scrambled up to his head and tried to snap his neck. Unfortunately, Garf is wayyyyy too small to manage that. Worf goes after Nubundo next and hits him hard.

Suddenly, Nubundo starts to grow. He kicks down the giant door and tells the miners to get out of there as fast as they can. Then he turned and slammed his fist down into the ground, knocking Krat out completely.

On my next turn, I move over to Krat and perform Lay On Hands to heal him back up. When he’s revived, he discovers that his second chance at life was given to him by the one and only Tiamat, and decides maybe my Paladin worship of her isn’t so bad after all. Then, I tossed a javelin at one of the miners trying to escape and completely took him out. Alan had a nice story for us about how the two miners helping the injured one along were talking about how they were gonna get out of here, and everything would be all right…then, wham. Javelin right through the injured one. One of the two dudes carrying my miner then walked over Gondas’s acid, and we got him, too. I throw one more javelin that hits Nubundo for 4 damage.

Garf, still on Nubundo’s head (which is now giant), jabs him in both ears with javelins like they’re Q-Tips.

Like this but more javelin-y

Worf takes out a couple more miners. Nubundo then smashes Garf into the ground, knocking him out. Krat does a chill touch on Nubundo. I swing and miss. Gondas saves Garf with a healing potion and begs for mercy, giving us all a buff. Then, Nubundo goes after Krat.

On my next turn, I used Divine Smite for some extra power and jabbed Nubundo right in the torso. As I pushed my greatsword forward, Tiamat appeared in a beautiful array. The killing blow was mine! Then, one of Nubundo’s 2 swords disappeared. He began to shrink, but the javelins did not. His head asplode.

All the remaining guards are a wreck. Garf pulls himself out of the ground and throws handaxes, killing one. Worf ran after them and got one of the guys. Gondas saved Krat using a healing potion.

Krat catapults a rock at the lead horse; the rider falls off and is trampled. I hit one rider with a crossbow, but couldn’t kill him. 3/5 of them are dead, and the other two ride away. End. Of. Combat.



After a whirlwind battle, we headed down to the Kobold lair to rest and recover. During that time, Krat stitched Nobundo back together to make himself a Zombie follower. We’re calling him “Nobby”. I enjoyed a quiet moment with Tiamat and ignored all this ridiculousness.

We prepared to leave the mine and headed toward the exit when Toxavale, the giant dragon who rules the mine, flew down and landed in front of us. She dropped off 6 Kobolds who headed back in to do work, son.

Hey girl hey

She kindly awarded me Nubundo’s sword, which I found out was magical. Basically, any time you’re holding it, it creates a secondary sword in your other hand. You also get another swing with it, giving me three chances to hit on every turn. I gave my old one to Gondas, but it was wayyyy too big for him.

Also, Garf and Toxavale had a real weird moment because Garf still thinks he’s the king and everyone should bow down to him. Toxy wasn’t having any of that, though.

Next up — we needed to start in on Port Sevia, the other human settlement on our island. Krat asked Toxavale for a ride, and she agreed to carry us. She also said we “didn’t need” the remaining two goblin followers and squeezed them until they died. 😬

We mounted up and she flew us down the road, over the top of the two riders that had escaped our grasp. Then we arrived at Port Sevia and she flew over the top of it, spewing acid on the people below.

The port town is shaped like a pentagon, with ballistas on towers on every corner. The mortar walls were clearly built in a hurry, but there are still plenty of wooden structures with thatched roofs. We landed on a nearby beach, and Gondas cast a dark sphere over one of the towers to protect us. Krat began elevatoring us up to the top of the wall while the soldiers took aim at Toxavale while she flew back towards the mine.

We’re here, undercover, ready for the start of next session.


I mean, this. was. nuts. We were so active during this session, but it was amazing! It was also the best day ever for Lucy, considering she a) got a convert to her religion, b) got the finishing blow on Nubundo, c) met Toxavale, and d) got a new magic sword.

I’m just here basking in the glow of being awesome today. Ready for the last bit of our battle for our homeland.

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