Due to a misunderstanding on timing on this session, Damon and I showed up a little late, so my notes are truncated. However, I can give a brief description of what happened while we were in traffic/looking for a parking space!

While we sat, Worf was visited by some type of deity. Because of (his? her?) great work in taking the orc heads that had been found on pikes and returning them to battle (i.e., using them as javelins/lighting them on fire), a gift had been earned. However, in order to prove (her?) worthiness, Worf had to tear out an eye as a sacrifice. Of course, (he?) did.

As a reward, Worf now gets a crit if a 1 is rolled during battle with an Elf or a Dwarf. Nice.

Garf took one look at this situation and had to get involved. He wanted a prize, too! Unwilling to rip his own eye out, he demanded that one of the goblin followers give an eye. This resulted in one no-eyed goblin. Ouch.

Just imagine one of these, but without eyes.

So, at this point we found a hole above us, and Krat began levitating folks up like through an elevator. There were two half-elves upstairs, and we lost one goblin.

In the meantime, Gondas had located a trap door near the entrance to the Kobold lair. He and I climbed the stairs and looked out of what basically amounted to a manhole cover to see many hooves and feet gathering outside the mine. Yikes. We, er, closed it and went right back down.

Our cohorts took out the half-elves while we had periscoped the situation outside, and we let them know what was going on.

So at this point, the majority of us are still down in the mine but can see through a small hole above us. The rocks above look a little unstable, and Krat comes up with an idea to catapult a huge rock into the ceiling to see if we can get the whole thing to come down.

Our DM decided to allow us all to work together on this and so: Garf created a goblin tower to attack one side while Worf got into a track stance on the other; Gondas prepared to fling alchemical fire, and using my Divine Sense I pinpointed the best possible spot to fling the rock. And then…Krat catapulted it.

And it worked! 8 men came falling through, all landing on their backs. I chopped one of them in half and got a pretty good stab maneuver on another. Then I kicked him for good measure, and he felt ashamed. Garf cut off one guy’s head and chopped another. Worf went for the elf that had fallen and killed him. Gondas gets hit by a guy, and then I spit into a dude’s face and it just so happens he misses the hit on his turn.

These guys are doing very little damage to us, but won’t stop talking about Captain Nubundo. So Krat comes up with a plan and shouts “Captain Nubundo!” and all the guys turn to look — and now we know where he is. Krat flies up to him and we get a good look.

The captain is preeeeetty hideous, but strong AF. He’s wielding a Greatsword (a 2-handed sword) in each hand, and looks like he’s been through the ringer.

And that’s where we ended the session. Next time, Nubundo. Next time.


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