Evil Campaign Session – Feb 18

Our DM is out of town this week, so we’ve got some time off. We leveled up to 5 after a fantastic session last week, so we’ve got to spend some time getting our characters up to speed before next weekend. We started just at the tail end of last week’s session with upgrading all our stats, but haven’t quite finished. Also, I’ve been running most of this time without a second page for my character sheet, so proooobably not a bad time to get that straightened out as well.

Schtooping is having a blast playing his Kobold. And I’m digging my Dragonborn Paladin. I’m enjoying playing a tougher character (would be a lot more fun if I could actually hit anything…but…I digress). I imagine my character looks something like this (thanks, internet):

Cool AF

Picking up where we left off, we were now joined by 6 Goblins. We agreed to add them to our party, and we started up the rock face to the side entrance. In the fray, though, Krat apparently needed a snack, and ate two of the goblins when they were away from the rest of the party.  (…Yum?)

We entered the mine and continued up a hill (my notes read “started from the bottom now we here”) and found one dwarf and one human guard. Gondas tossed in a spell to remove all of the light from the room. This scared the human who escaped through a big nearby door. It also meant that I couldn’t see a damn thing. While the rest of my party enjoyed night vision and a hearty battle with the dwarf, I swung into the darkness and got a great hit on a pile of rocks.

Anyway, once we took out the dwarf, went through the next room and Krat took out the human, we took in our surroundings. There, on a track, was a lovely little mine cart.

The D&D wiki has pictures of everything.

As a huge fan of HarmonQuest, I couldn’t help but suggest we take a ride in it. And so, we did. I took a moment to ask Tiamat for some assistance, and she kindly blessed Garf’s axe. We swung out at elves and humans while we flew by, and Garf managed to get ahold of the human.

On our ride down, Krat saw some more explosives (we are killing it with fire right now). He tossed out a small flame and lit everything ablaze. It took out a bunch of miners and an enormous crack started forming. About that time we went around our second huge curve (we’d already had to roll through one at this point) and our rolls couldn’t save us, so we fell out of the cart. (I mean, there were 5 of us in there, so…what do you expect?) The cart’s landing place showed us a tunnel into an old Kobold lair so we headed in, and I laid hands on Gondas to heal him up a bit.

Gondas gave us a nice tour of the area. (It sucked, and everyone made fun of him for it. Except me, of course. I don’t have time for that BS.) Outside the tunnel, there were 20 miners/guards/mercenaries. I had an opportunity to use my intimidation tactics on one of them as I cornered him in the mine cart. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any good info, so I used my copper dragon lightning right on his face. Big ups to my DM for not making me feel like a jerk about it when the rest of the party was surprised.

We went on to fight. Turns out Worf’s elf nemesis Gary was afoot. So we began combat with all these bitches.

Let me also add that Alan does fantastic bro voices for all these elves. It’s just killer. Also, none of them will shut up about their great leader, “Captain Nubundo”. We were really starting to get annoyed hearing about this guy.

During the battle, Garf got a single record turn for the most kills with 3. We successfully took out all the jerks and are ready to move forward.

Total body count for the session: 52 (elves and humans combined).! #thanksbetotiamat

Looking forward to our next sesh!

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